Pat Hamilton, in Remembrance

Pat Hamilton, in Remembrance

Dear Friends and Alumni of St. Edmund’s,

Unfortunately, as some of you may have heard, Pat Hamilton passed away at Lion’s Gate hospital on Friday morning. Pat had some health issues of late, which she fought bravely through, but a recent infection proved too difficult for her to overcome. Sharon Horner (Pat’s long time colleague and friend) was with her when she passed: ‘It was peaceful and she was not in pain. Her lungs were just not able to sustain her any longer.’

I had the privilege of working with Pat when I first arrived at St. Edmund’s, and the two of us kept in touch. There are not very many people I hold in as high regard as her. The school owes her a tremendous debt of gratitude for her contributions, which are still very much a part of life at St. Edmund’s. It would be a wonderful gesture to Pat and her close friends to see some representation from current students at the funeral. I am specifically encouraging families in Grade 5, 6, & 7 to attend the funeral on Thursday at 11 am (March 16). Of course, all families are welcome. If your family is in a position to attend, students should be in full school uniform.

There will be a reception after the funeral in the school gym.

Thank you.

Michael Field, Principal

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