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Our school has many things to celebrate together, such as Class Events, Sacramental Celebrations, etc. These events are organized by both the school and parents, and help make our community what it is. Please check here for event information and updates.


To create a comprehensive educational experience, a school needs to run several programs. Our school is a busy place! We will be posting ‘daily updates’ of various dress-down days, and athletic events here. Please check this section once or twice a week.

St. Edmunds News

Iron Chef Style Cook-off

Iron Chef Style Cook-off

We have the Grade 7 class cooking at our 8th annual Iron Chef: St. Edmund’s! If you haven’t heard of Iron Chef yet, it is a TV series that originated in Japan. A chef would challenge one of the Iron Chefs with an expertise in a single cooking style (Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French), then the…

Student Inspired by Saint

Student Inspired by Saint

  At St. Edmund’s Elementary School, we all know how powerful forgiveness can be when it changes people’s lives. Just before the Spring Break, Principal Mr. Field had an experience with a student that reminded him exactly how worthwhile working with youth can be. It was a typical day, with no special events after school.…

Stewardship Grant from City

Stewardship Grant from City

We would like to present another post written by one of our students, Jai Singh, to discuss the motivation behind applying for the Environmental Stewardship grant and to highlight the key experiences from our students, Jai Singh and Kithara Kekulthotuwage. They recently accepted the Environmental Stewardship grant for St. Edmund’s from the District of North…

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